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Shop on Go Delivery Mauritius, pay less and collect Reward Points for even more amazing discounts on your everyday shopping! Cash these points for discounts on any product found on our online store.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This program is available to all our clients.
  2. Points & Discounts are only available on our online platform.
  3. The user must login on Go Delivery online platform to automatically benefit from our reward program.
  4. Start earning points as from Rs1000 net invoice amount and for each additional Rs100 spent.
  5. User can only redeem multiples of 100 reward points in their account.
  6. For every 100 points, get Rs15 cash back to be used on future purchases.
  7. Points expire after 12 months.
  8. Your personal data is protected and only authorized persons will have access to this data for reasons related to the user’s transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Can I check to see how many Reward Points I have earned?

Step 1: Simply Log-in to your account by clicking here

Step 2: On the left hand side of your screen you will see the words “Reward Points”

Step 3: Once you have clicked on “Reward Points“, you will be able to view your balance of Reward Points

2. Do I need to make a purchase to earn Reward Points?

Yes, Reward Points are given only once you have completed an order.

3. Do I need to be logged into my account to use my Reward Points? 

Yes, to spend your Reward Points and to earn more Reward Points you need to be logged in. 

4. Once I have earned Reward Points how can I use them?

You can use your Reward Points on your next purchase in order to benefit from discounts. Once you have selected your products , view your cart and you will have the option to select how many Reward Points you would like to use. 

5. Do Reward Points expire? 

GoDelivery Reward Points have a validity of 12 months. Therefore, once you have made a purchase on you will be able to manage and redeem your Reward Points from your account within 12 months of your purchase. Simply sign-in and select ‘Reward Points’ from your account dashboard.

6. Can I offer my Reward Points to a friend? 

Unfortunately not. Your Reward Points are directly linked to your account and can only be used from your account and cannot be transferred to another person

7. Can my Reward Points be used on promotions on website?

The simple answer is “Yes”. Your reward points can be used on any products available on, even products that are on sales.

8. Can I accumulate my Reward Points for future use? 

Yes you can. Once you have earned Reward Points you are not obliged to use the points on your next purchase. If you wish you can accumulate points for 12 months.

Do you need help?

The number of your reward points is incorrect? You can’t manage to “Redeem” your reward points?

Please contact us at 59868297 or email us on