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Be it a scorching summer or the cold winter, the one thing we cannot go without is an ideal Beverage! No matter the occasion, the season, the event or time of the day, Go Delivery has put together a multitude of beverages to satisfy your thirst. Starting your day with some milk, tea or coffee? Go Delivery has got it sorted for you. Coffee capsules 100% compatible with your Nespresso machines, world class coffee beans, instant coffee, or even Nespresso machines for those who have been meaning to get one but have been unable to – all under one roof! Tea lovers, we have not forgotten you, from local tea to imported ones or infusions, of which can be ordered online. The hot Mauritian summers cannot be braved without a cool refreshing drink. Nothing like some ice cold tea or coffee to feel revived. Those with a sweet tooth and having a liking for bubbles will experience the bliss of having all the different soft drinks and the wide variety of tonic, such as Sanpellegrino, classic Ceres, Bashew’s and Fever-Tree products, regrouped together, including sparkling juices. Have you been craving for something more on the healthy side? Some blueberry juice, perhaps the classic orange juice or why not some healthy bio carrot juice. You can stop looking elsewhere, Go Delivery has put together an amazing selection of juices for you and your loved ones. Vitamins packed drinks are also made available. And when it comes the time to celebrate and party, Go Delivery is the place to get the shopping started! Give your guests, the kids, your designated driver friends the best by selecting Organic Non- Alcoholic wine, alcohol free beer and more. All non-alcoholic drinks are regrouped under the Beverages section, if you seek something stronger, feel free to check out the Wines & Spirits selection. At Go Delivery we care for your health and well being. Remember to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water. All your favorite sparkling and non sparkling water is being provided, as well as flavoured ones.