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Aqualith2in1 is a water borne decorative paint which bears the Hydro Pliolite logo. It has the best compromise between micro porosity, impermeability and adhesion, and it regulates effectively the hygrometry within walls allowing them to breathe. It can be used in all types of environments, urban, industrial and marine. Aqualith2in1 dries to a deep mat finish. Comparatively to normal emulsion paints, better colour retention is achieved with Aqualith2in1 against UV, especially with bright colours. Aqualith2in1 contains a high dosage of fungicides for increased resistance against fungus and algae. Due to its deep mat finish, Aqualith2in1 will contribute towards camouflaging minor surface defects.



Surface Preparation: 

Surfaces should be sound, clean and dry. Sound and slightly porous surfaces: Apply 2–3 coats of Aqualith2in1 diluted 5% with water. Slightly chalking surfaces, gypsum plasters, cement based plasters and concrete: Apply one coat of Aqualith2in1 diluted 10% with water. Finish with 2 coats of Aqualith2in1 diluted 5% with water if necessary. Old surfaces, chalking surfaces: prepare surfaces to obtain a sound surface for painting. Remove chalk by washing with water under high pressure, remove fungus and algae. Sterilise surface by applying a fungicidal treatment. Repair cracks as necessary. When surface is clean and dry, apply one coat of Aqualith2in1 diluted with 10% water, finish with 2 coats of Aqualith2in1 diluted 5% with water if necessary.

Application method:
Dilute with water as required. Apply 2-3 coats with a brush or long hair roller or airless spray. Covering capacity: 6–8 m² per litre per coat. Drying time: approximately 60 minutes. Recoating interval: 6 hours.

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