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An organic vegetable drink made with soy and real chocolate, Source of calcium naturally provided by the Lithothamnium calcareum seaweed, Ideal for a balanced breakfast or a gourmet break
Soy beverage rich in protein and 100% vegetable: suitable for a vegetarian and vegan diet, Excellent vegetable alternative
Smooth texture and good chocolate taste, Sweetened with light cane sugar, To be enjoyed as is or to accompany your mueslis
Made from organic soybeans grown without GMOs in Italy, FSC certified cardboard from sustainably managed forests
Contents: 4 x 3 Mini bricks of Bjorg Organic Soy Chocolate Calcium Drink, Quantity: 25 cl (per mini brick)

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BJORG has been committed for more than 30 years to allowing the greatest number of people to have access to healthier, balanced, and quality organic food. Created in 1988 by a nutritionist, our story began in Saint Genis Laval, in the west of Lyon.

Organic has always been a conviction! We add to this the requirement of a unique nutritional charter and strong commitments in favor of the environment.

“Eating well, but eating organic AND balanced is even better!
Without forgetting the greediness! Because eating is above all a pleasure! It is with a lot of passion that we work on our recipes for the best simply…