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CETOL WF771 Mahogany


Waterborne, translucent, mat, primer, mid and top coat for wooden constructions with OilFinish character.

Suitable as a 1-pot-3-coat system, exterior and interior.

– moisture permeability
– high water vapour permeability
– good UV protection
– tested according to DIN EN 71 Part 3 “Safety of toys”
– ideal for decking- available in clear, teak and mahogany finishes


Surface preparation

New wood:

The wood shows possible traces of resin, fat residue and sawing errors. In this case the horizontal surfaces (e. g. for decking) have to be high-pressure washed. Sawing

errors can be sanded.

Freshly sawed wood:

With freshly sawed wood a certain amount of time is required for drying before fi tting. With boiler pressure impregnated wood the residual moisture is to be checked before coating.

For storage, distance beams are to be arranged between each stack of wood in order to ensure unobstructed air circulation between the planks. In moist surroundings the wood

is to be covered. Eliminate or redress possible traces of resin, fat residue and sawing errors.

Pre-treated wood:

Before every pre-treatment such as sanding, bleaching with TSP (sodium triphosphate), oxalic acid treatment, etc. please contact the supplier of the pre-treated wood for

information regarding the compatibility of the protective system, as well as for health and environmental protection tips.


  • Ready to use. Do not dilute.
  • Spreading Rate 80 – 150 ml/m², depending on the application method, type and absorbency of the wood
  • CETOL® WF 771 should be applied at a surface temperature range of 15° to 25° Celsius.
  • Wood moisture of between 12 and 15 % is ideal for application of the coating.
  • In the case of heavily weathered wood, the wood should be sanded before the first coating.
  • Evenly apply the CETOL® WF 771 stain.
  • The entire quantity of paint applied must be absorbed by the substrate.
  • The application of the paint should always be in the direction of the wood grain.
  • Let the surface thoroughly dry after the base and mid coat.

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1L, 5L