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Coeur de Palmiste Cuit – Sous vide 600g-1000g (10 Slices)


Packed: Vacuum packed
Storage: 8 to 12 Celcius
Contains no chemicals and no additives
How to use: Palm Heart is principally used in mixed salad and gratin.

Nutrient value:
Crude protein (CP) : 10.2 %
Crude fiber (CF) : 11.8 %
Ether extract (EE) : 3.23 %
Calcium (CA) : 0.31 %
Phosphorous (P2O5) : 0.78 %
Potassium (K): 3.51 %

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Palm Heart is not only a special product which can be prepared by means of several simple recipes. It is very good for health: without nearly no fat, it is not only rich in fibers and proteins, it also contains minerals. It is very easy to digest. The Palm Heart is what we call light food. It can be eaten by anyone.