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GLOSS Matt Enamel (White)


Matt Enamel is a finishing lacquer of the 3-coat alkyd system: (1) Primer, (2) Undercoat, and (3) Gloss. It is a matt finish final decorative coating for interior applications.


Surface preparation:
Ensure all surfaces are dry, sound and clean; exempt from rust, grease, oil or any other contaminant before painting. Iron oxide must first be coated with Super Galva Primer, Red Oxide Metal Primer or Zinc Chromate Primer; Two Pack Etch Primer is to be used as undercoat for galvanized iron; Mauvilac Wood Primer must be applied to wood. If deemed necessary, Universal Undercoat can be applied as an intermediate coat.

Application Method
Dilute with Test Benzin as required by relative application method. However, to get best results, avoid excessive dilution. The covering rate is between 9 and 11 m2 per coat. Apply 2-3 coats using a roller, brush or sprayer on a dry and duly prepared surface. The Gloss range requires some 4 hours to be touch-dry and can be coated again after 16 hours.

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