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LARIBEES Raw Honey Baobab – 250g


This honey is an exception in our range since it belongs to the ” Mixed flowers’’ category, meaning that the nectar is collected from multiple varieties of plants and flowers.

The Baobab honey is collected from the flowers of the Baobab tree and Waterlily.

To find consistency in its taste cannot always be guaranteed year after year. The desired flavor will depend on the plants constituting the environment where the bees foraged, and on the area where our Beekeeper Lari, whose objective is to find a consistent taste in the final product, for the sake of fans of the Baobab honey who expect to experience the initial flavor as when they first tried it

Highly prized by our chefs due to its capacity of reducing the acidity of a sauce, baobab honey will take you on a journey through its floral subtlety.

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