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Mauvilith is an alkali resistant, high quality solvent soluble acrylic paint for cement based, concrete and plaster surfaces. It is a decorative and protective coating primarily selected for its exceptional performance, long life and long term economical advantage. It is recommended for homes, offices, factories, shops, hotels and other related structures. Mauvilith is easy to apply and dries rapidly to a hard, tough, washable and resistant matt finish. It is self-cleaning due to its typical tendency to chalk when exposed to sunlight, through this process Mauvilith does not retain dirt, dust and organic particles which normally promote fungus growth.

-Exterior Use


Surface preparation:
Ensure surfaces are sound, clean, dry and free from dirt, grease and any other contaminants before painting. Remove all fungus with Fungicidal Wash, rince and treat with Fungicidal Treatment. Repair cracks with Acrylic Crack Filler. On absorbent surfaces, apply a coat of Mauvilith Sealer diluted with Test Benzin. Powdery surfaces have to be sanded, cleaned and washed prior to the application of Mauvilith Sealer.

Application method: 

Apply two to three coats by roller or brush onto clean, and dry surfaces. Low pressure or airless spray equipment can also be used. Thin down with Test Benzin as required. For best results do not exceed the dilution volume ratio of 1 part of Test Benzin to 8 parts of paint. One litre of Mauvilith will cover between 6 and 8 m² of surface in one coat ; at this spreading rate the dry film thickness will vary between 55 and 41 microns on a completely smooth, non absorbent surface. Approximately 30 minutes to touch dry, Mauvilith can be over-coated after approximately 6 hours.

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