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STEWARD’S LAZZAT Spices For Tikka – 50g


As a source of B vitamins, the flesh helps boost your immunity, prevent cataracts and skin problems, help regulate digestion and eliminate weak points in the body. Also, they can help prevent migraines, heart problems, gray hair, diabetes, and high cholesterol



You will need:

500g chicken breast cut into fillets
2 Tbs (20g) spices for Tikka
½ Tbs garlic paste
½ Tbs ginger paste
1 medium onion, crushed
3 Tbs plain yoghurt
Beaten eggs
Cooking oil


In a bowl, mix the chicken with spices for Tikka, garlic, ginger, onion and yoghurt. Let marinate for 1 hour in your refrigerator.
Flatten each chicken fillet with the help of a kitchen hammer or the palm of your hand.
Coat them well with breadcrumbs and dips them into the eggs, then deep fry until done.
Serve with salad, bread and hot chili sauce.