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SHAMARELLE Mo Karne Bien-Net


MO KARNE BIEN-NET comprise of:

  • “Mo karne Lasemenn’’.
  • “Mo Kontan Mwa”.
  • “Kouma viv pli bien dan mo latet”.
  • “Mo Lespas Kreation”.
  • Brest Cancer Awareness.
  • Reasons for self care.
  • Poems in kreol by Shamarelle.
  • Size A5


MO KARNE BIEN-NET comprise of:

  • The “Mo karne Lasemenn’’ the weekly check-ins of the highlights of your day, self care routine and journaling.(x35)
  •  The “Mo Kontan Mwa” page which is about recognizing our inner powers and capacity. (x3)
  • The “Kouma viv pli bien dan mo latet’ page is about steps to have a more peaceful mind (x3)
  • The “Mo Lespas Kreation” is a space for art therapy and creative expression (x10)
  • The Breast Self-Examination page and checklist (x2) (Breast Cancer Awareness)
  • Prompts and reasons for self care (x3)
  • Poems in kreol by Shamarelle throughout the journal