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Chicken Chop Suey



– 3 large spoons of soy sauce
– 1 big spoon of oil
– 1 big spoonful of sugar
– pepper
– 1 big spoonful of cane powder
– 1 large spoonful of fish sauce
– 3 cloves of garlic well crushed
– 1 chicken breast
– 40g of ginger cut in julienne
– 6 cloves of garlic, crushed
– 1 onion cut into petals
– 1 carrot
– 5 shitake mushrooms
– ½ red – yellow – green bell pepper
– 4 canned corn on the cob
– 1 large spoon of oyster sauce
– 5 stems of coriander
– 2 stalks of onion tails




Step 1:-  Mix together the soy sauce, oil, sugar, pepper, cane powder, fish sauce and crushed garlic
Step 2:-  Cut the chicken into thin strips and mix with the above sauce base (reserve)
Step 3:-  In a hot wok, add a little oil, ginger, garlic and onions and fry quickly and add in order
– The carrots
– The bell pepper
– The mushrooms
– Corn on the cob
Add fish sauce and cook the vegetables for 2 to 3 minutes until they are crisp (set aside)
Step 4:- Wipe the pan with a wet cloth
Step 5:- Add a little oil, ginger, garlic and onion flakes and fry quickly. Add the chicken and cook quickly, stirring constantly.
Step 6:- Add the vegetables and the oyster sauce and mix well
Step 7:- Add a little bit of water to create the sauce and stop cooking
Step 8:- Add the coriander leaves and onion stems



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