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Our dogs are not just pets, they are part of our family and caring for them just shows how much we love them. We are what we eat and this goes for our doggies too, which is why Go Delivery prides itself in providing the best dog food online. Canned food, pellets, treats, wet food and sauces, you name it- Go Delivery has it all on its online store. If this is your first time having a puppy, this is what you need to know: the main difference between dry food and wet food is the water content in the food. If you are trying to have your dog lose weight then try to feed your dog wet food instead of dry food. However it all depends on what is the nutritional need of the pet. Meanwhile you can have all that you dog or puppy needs on Go Delivery as there is enough to cater for the different needs of your pets based on their age, their health, weight amongst other criteria. Canned food by Montego is suitable both for adults and puppies whilst you also have the option of buying packs of Pongo canned food for your furry ones. On the other hand an extensive range of pellets can be ordered from Advance pellets is known to make exceptional pellets by basing itself on the breed, size, age of dogs hence ensuring a healthy, long and active life. You will also find on Go Delivery the World renown Field and Forest premium pellets, Montego Classic Pellets , Montego Karoo Pellets, Montego Wuma for puppies, Pedigree Pellets, Pongo Pellets and Waggo Pellets. Go Delivery has pellets for all dog breeds, age and in different capacity ranging for 1.5kg to 20 kg. Rest assured, you will not need to carry these big bags as Go Delivery delivers across the island! An extensive range of wet food and sauces for dogs can also be found on our website. Do not forget to get a few dog treats for your doggies, they will enjoy it whilst boosting their nutrients intake. Remember that both wet food and dry food can provide the nutrients your dog needs as long as it is of premium quality and sometimes you may mix them both. Browse through our Dog food selection to uncover the extensive choice waiting for your doggie.