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INDIKA Pomegranate Powder 100g


Pomegranate is rich in punicalagin, a component known to reduce blood sugar levels. Its high content of polyphenolics, including ellagitannins, protects against diabetes and its associated complications. Our concentrated powder brings you all the benefits of pomegranate in a few 100% natural spoonfuls.


Indika’s range of pure powders is versatile.
Add them to breakfast smoothies, cereals, and yogurt or as condiments in salads and cake mixes or simply add to water to make a healthy nutritious drink to enjoy at any time of the day.
1 teaspoon daily.

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Indika is a company based in the heart of the lush Vallée de Ferney in Mauritius. Our team has been developing a full range of health and wellness products based on exotic and indigenous plants commonly found in the Mascarene Islands and Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as in
other parts of the world.

Fertile and isolated in the south, the valley is the ideal setting for the cultivation of many species with unique properties such as moringa, jambon, pomegranate, and many others. We actively contribute to the preservation of this incredible natural landscape by promoting its biodiversity and highlighting the species that inhabit it.

We strongly advocate an integrated, sustainable, and respectful approach when dealing with this environment. All steps in the production chain are carried out on site: planting, harvesting, processing, and production. Indika has also set up a nursery, several hectares of land at the edge of the Ferney forest, and a factory for the transformation of the raw material. All of our cultivations are carried out within the reasonable agriculture framework without any chemical additive and all our products are 100% natural.