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MAUVILAC Clear Emulsion Binder


Clear Emulsion Binder is an alkali resistant clear sealer for new cement based surfaces and for old paint that has chalked. It will provide maximum adhesion before painting with emulsion paints.



Surface Preparation: 

New Surfaces – Ensure that substrate is fully cured (at least 28 days). Correct surface defects such as cracks and holes with a suitable putty and sand down with ‘medium’ sand paper to a smooth finish. Wash and rinse with water whilst brushing. Apply a suitable fungicidal treatment where necessary.

Previously Painted Surfaces – Shave the old coating in various places with a knife to ascertain the flexibility of the film and its present adhesion to the substrate. Inspect the quality of the substrate . If the old coating and/or its substrate have a tendency to powder , shatter or disbond easily under the knife or if blisters or other defects are observed, it would indicate that total removal of the old coating is advisable.


Application method:
Apply one coat by brush, roller or spray onto a clean, dry surface. CLEAR EMULSION BINDER can be applied without dilution. Should dilution be necessary, do not exceed the volume ratio of 1 part of water to 10 parts of the product

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1L, 5L, 20L