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NANOTECH Antibacterial (White)


Nanotech Antibacterial is the paint for your inner well-being. Thanks to its nano silver anti-bacterial agents, Nanotech has been specially designed to protect your surfaces against the proliferation of germs, bacteria and fungus, reduces the risk of infections and creates a healthy and pure environment. Easily cleaned and washed, it is resistant to common household detergents and desinfectants and contains no dangerous or harmful materials, nor solvents. Its action is long lasting as the silver ions remain effective even after they have sterilised the micro-organisms. Nanotech Antibacterial is tested and approved by European CIBA® laboratories.

– For Interior use


Surface Preparation: 
Correct surface defects such as cracks and holes with a suitable putty and sand down with ‘medium’ sand paper to a smooth finish. Wash and rinse with water whilst brushing. Apply a suitable fungicidal treatment where necessary. Use MAUVILITH SEALER as a sealer and primer on new cement substrates, on powdery or absorbent surfaces.


Application method:
For the best results of NANOTECH ANTIBACTERIAL apply three coats by roller or brush onto clean, dry and sealed surface.

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1L, 5L, 20L