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Tetra Pond Goldfish Mix 1L


Tetra Pond Goldfish Mix is a complete food blend, designed for the varied nutritional requirements of goldfish in garden ponds. With a special active formula for energy and vitality, and more resistance to disease, your goldfish are set for a long and healthy life thanks to this Innovation by Tetra. The 140g Tub of Tetra Pond Goldfish Mix is re-sealable in order to lock in freshness and prevent against moisture, light and heat damage.

Tetra Pond Goldfish Mix consist of Spirulina flakes to intensify the natural beautiful colours of you goldfish, together with hydrolised proteins for healthy growth. The unique formula also consists of easily digestible carbohydrates to provide your goldfish with more energy, and gammarus for an added tasty treat. The varied food mix adds interest to your goldfish’s diet whilst simultaneously supporting their immune system health, equipping them better to fight off infectious diseases

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