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Tetra Pond Flakes 1L


Tetra Pond Flake is a balanced complete food designed for small or shy pond fish containing a patented formula for a healthy immune system, with added health and vitality benefits. The food has been composed as a result of extensive research and many years of expertise at Tetra head quarters.

The 180g tub of Tetra Pond Flake Food for small fish comprises of four types of flake for a varied and balanced healthy diet. The yellow flakes contain high levels of deficiency-preventative minerals and vitamins, whilst the red flakes have a high protein content to promote growth and vitality. The white flakes aid digestion and the brown flakes provide the fish with healthy plant nutrients.

Tetra Pond Flake Food is easy to digest, guaranteeing a quality that ensures water pollution is reduced, whilst also improving water quality.

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