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VILEDA Toilet Brush Value Set


1. Powerful Anti-Clog Bristles

Let’s be honest: a toilet brush’s main purpose is cleaning. The vileda toilet brush brush itself comes with powerful bristles to brush with less effort. Furthermore, the bristles prevent the toilet from clogging while cleaning.

2. Simple Shape & Ergonomic Grasp

The Vileda Toilet Brush set is ergonomically designed to prevent back or knee problems after cleaning your lavatory. As a plain décor product, the hygienic white plastic toilet brush’s body matches every bathroom.

3. Open Body

To secure easy cleaning and a fast pickup of the toilet brush itself, we designed the Vileda Toilet Brush set with an open body. Remember: it’s not only your toilet that needs to be clean. The open body catches the dripping water from the brush after cleaning your toilet.

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