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WONDERCHEF Teramo Stone Jap Bowl Blue – 210ml


Premium Stoneware with high-fired body ensures that the colors don’t fade and the food is not absorbed.
Japanese Bowl: 5 x 11.70 cm

Japanese Bowl: 200 ml

Symbolic to the ripples in clean blue river water.

Package Contents:
Japanese Bowl: 2 Unit

Our Glaze is double fired under the same high heat as its body (1,260°C), making it scratch and chip resistant.

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Let us travel to the scenic Roman city of Teramo, that blossomed along the hills of Apennine mountains. Inspired by the beautiful color palette of the earth tones merging in the sky, we present to you our, Teramo Collection!
Wonderchef is here to style your home with this elegant collection and add a contemporary twist to your dining experience.

Wonderchef Teramo Stoneware is crafted with highest quality clay, free from chemicals or heavy metals.
It is ideal for serving all kinds of hot or cold dishes.
The products are designed by our artisans and hand-made with love and care on the potter’s wheel.
They are then baked at 1,260°C temperature to lend them strength and durability.
The products are double glazed to ensures they do not get scratched easily.
A Teramo product is a reflection of your fine taste and adds value to your dinner table.
Use it every day with family and also to serve guests proudly.
Serve with Style

Looking for a pair? The bowl can be paired with the dinner plate from same collection to complete a dinner set.

Wash & Care

Our products can be used safely in Microwave Oven, Conventional Ovens, and Freezers.
Due to our double glazing process, the products are stain-resistant gets easily cleaned with soap and can also be used in a dishwasher.
Handle these timeless creations with care and they will last a lifetime!
Due to our double glazing process, the products are stain-resistant hence they can be easily cleaned with soap and also used in dishwasher.